cbuzz: J.J Rodeheffer, Zipline Logistics

July 26th, 2016

J J rodeheffer

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When J.J. Rodeheffer entered college, he never thought he would end up in the logistics field.

“It’s funny; I didn’t take a logistics course at Miami,” Rodeheffer jokingly says to cbuzz host Dan Swartwout. “I knew I wanted to be in sales. I was always under the impression that if I was in sales, I would get to do a lot of business on the golf course.”

Little did Rodeheffer know that he would one day be the co-founder, partner, and director of sales at Zipline Logistics— a successful and highly esteemed logistics company in Central Ohio.

After moving to Chicago in the name of love, he found his calling at CH Robinson—one of the largest third party logistics companies in the nation. For six years, Rodeheffer learned the craft of sales and logistics at CH Robinson. Then, almost 9 years ago, he took a leap of faith and packed up a U-Haul and a few of his buddies, and left Chicago for Columbus to start his own business. And what a successful leap it was.

For J.J., it seems that the people are what really make a business great. From the wonderful people that he hires to work at Zipline, to the customers that he talks about with such excitement and fervor; Rodeheffer lives by the Golden Rule that people and customers always come first.

J.J Rodeheffer has a charisma and excitement for his business and a certain passion for people that makes this cbuzz installment more than worth a listen.