cbuzz: Kelly James and Paul Ruminski, TRIP Bikes: Ridesharing in Columbus

August 1st, 2022

Kelly James, Founder & President, and Paul Ruminski, CEO, of TRIP Bikes. TRIP is committed to providing Columbus with the best micro-mobility transportation solution. Designed and assembled locally and powered with sustainable energy as a top priority, TRIP bikes haul the most efficient battery, delivering maximum longevity and eliminating traditional docking stations that often clutter city streets. The TRIP Team is dedicated to collaborating with the community to boost micro-mobility awareness and bring TRIP Bikes to inner-city residents, campuses, and various other congested suburban locations.

To learn more about TRIP Bikes, visit www.ridetrip.com.

Tune in today as Kelly and Paul sit down with cbuzz host Mikaela Hunt to talk about advancing electric bikes in the rideshare micro-mobility market.

A note about cbuzz production: We are thrilled to be back recording episodes for our Central Ohio community. Stay tuned for new episodes, which will share the stories of some of our best and brightest Columbus Chamber members. Thank you to our listeners for their patience and understanding as we worked to establish a virtual recording setup. You can learn about Capital University here and learn more about cbuzz host Mikaela Hunt here.

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