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We Are the Hub for Business Connections

We’re the movers and the shakers in the Columbus business world. It’s our job to connect Columbus Chamber members with the resources they need to help their businesses thrive and make our community a better place.  We recognize that our members sometimes need help navigating all of our services; we’re the savvy, business-minded go-getters that make that happen.

Meet the Membership Team:

Lorie Holt

Lorie Holt, Vice President of Membership

Business Background: Lorie uses her experiences from prior roles in non-profit leadership, where she specialized in areas like organizational growth strategies, account management and brand development, to guide the Chamber’s membership and retention efforts.

Member Approach: Lorie is passionate about getting to know the story of Chamber members and being their advocate. She is here as a resource to help businesses thrive in the Columbus region.

Christine Boucher, Director, Columbus Region Logistics Council

Business Background: Christine has always been a natural-born connector whether it was for work or personal. This “talent” began for Christine back when she was in high school and continued to follow her through her adventures and journey’s in her hometown of Bloomington, IN, Arizona, California, back to Indiana, and on to OHIO where she landed in 1991.

Member Approach: When you meet and talk with Christine, she is more than likely already thinking about how she can connect you with someone else she knows!

Becca Shull, Account Manager

Business Background: Becca Shull was born and raised in North Andover Massachusetts and moved to Columbus after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Member Approach: With her previous experience with small businesses, she is excited to help support small businesses meet their goals.

Nick Tafoy

Nick Tafoya, Account Manager

Business Background: Nick graduated from Wittenberg University with a double major in Communication and Sports Management. He spent the last 3 years in the healthcare industry where he would help people navigate the complex healthcare system. 

Member Approach: Nick is excited to connect with you and make sure that you are getting the most out of your membership with the Columbus Chamber, email him today!

Laura “LJ” Boggs, Account Specialist

Business Background: LJ’s experience in previous roles makes her well rounded in multiple industries such as information technology, healthcare, and non-profits. She graduated from Wittenberg University with a double major in Business Management and Sociology. She is here to connect with you about how to get the most out of your membership and benefits. 

Member Approach: LJ loves building relationships and providing excellent customer service. She works with business members through actively listening to their needs, advocating for them, developing a service plan, and researching answers which deliver back desired results.

Mallory Roth

Mallory Roth, Director of Programming

Business Background: Mallory has experience coordinating and executing annual giving campaigns and membership drives using social media, direct mail, and stewardship.  She also has experience with volunteer management and the development of goals-driven strategies to increase awareness of the organization among constituents and the community.

Member Approach: Mallory grew up living in a Bed & Breakfast owned and operated by her parents. As such, she has first-hand experience with small businesses and is always eager to assist her Chamber members with their concerns, big or small.

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