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The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is the epicenter of the Columbus Region business community. Within our interconnected ecosystem, businesses unite to eliminate barriers to prosperity, creating a thriving environment for enterprises across the Columbus Region. Together, we make our region an exceptional business destination.

Our Vision

To be the leader and driving force in building a prospering economy for the Columbus Region.

Our Mission

To drive prosperity and growth in the Columbus Region Business Community through connections, resources and advocacy.

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is a mission-driven nonprofit organization serving more than 2,300 organizations throughout the Columbus Region. The Columbus Chamber, founded in 1884, is committed to advancing a thriving business community and provides support in the areas of research, government affairs, marketing, diversity, culture, and inclusion, education, and talent and workforce development.

At the Columbus Chamber, we convene the business community, provide navigation assistance of resources available to businesses and advocate on their behalf. ‚Äč

We engage the business community in the following ways:

You have a role to play in the Columbus Region’s future!

We want to hear from you! Every new Chamber member adds to your network and reinforces the strength of the Columbus brand.