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The Columbus Chamber Is Your Business Advocate

Through resilient policy advocacy, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce engages with civic leaders and public officials on behalf of the business community. Our efforts help ensure economic prosperity and equity to advance business opportunities throughout the region. The Columbus Chamber frequently monitors public policy, and when appropriate, takes positions on legislation that may either positively impact business or impede on a business’s ability to function or operate.

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Government Spotlight: The Government Spotlight series will feature timely and intimate discussions with Ohio’s key leaders and elected officials. These discussions seek to connect businesses with policymakers and regulators at all levels of government in an intimate setting, offering members the opportunity to learn of hot political and policy issues, speak candidly about issues impacting their operations, strengthen relationships with partners in the public sector, and raise the collective voice of the Columbus region business community.

Business Drives Government: Through a networking reception, Business Drive Government helps business leaders connect and hear directly from elected officials on issues that impact your business and facilitate connections with key stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels of government in an informal setting. Business Drives Government is a biennial event that occurs during even years.

Meet the Class: Highlighted at this networking reception will be newly-elected and returning elected officials: the Central Ohio Congressional Delegation, members of the Ohio General Assembly and new Administration, and local leaders will be invited to join us. Meet the Class is a biennial event that occurs during odd years.