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Kenwel Printers, Inc. Celebrates 70 Years in Business

January 19th, 2022

Columbus, Ohio (January 18, 2022) Kenwel Printers, Inc. announced its 70th anniversary serving the Columbus Region as a locally owned and operated print production, mailing and fulfillment services company.

“There is no denying the last couple of years have been tough given Covid and everything. This makes Kenwel turning 70 even more profound. We are so grateful for our customers and employees,” said Kenwel Owner and President Mike Fisher

Fisher has been with the company for 47 years. He started out as a pressman and worked his way into a variety of leadership roles both in production and sales which led him to where he is today. As president and owner, Fisher is still very involved in the day-to-day operations, making sure each job is done to the customer’s satisfaction..

Kenwel is kicking off the new year with improvements. During Q4 2021 they consolidated down to two buildings in order to conserve and better utilize space and improve workflow. Throughout Fisher’s tenure he has seen the company evolve to meet the needs of customers. Back in the 70s Kenwel had the first high speed envelope jet press in the state of Ohio and became an asset to the trade. Other advances through the years included the computerization of estimating and data collection, multi-color presses and direct to plate technology.A big turning point was the transition to digital color presses with variable data software providing the customer with the ability to customize each piece. Now, with even more data available, customizing a printed piece can be done relatively easily. Kenwel has the capability to personalize everything from letters, postcards, and posters to brochures and annual reports. We can switch out images, words, paragraphs – even entire letters, based on the accompanying data. This type of technology provides businesses and organizations the ability to break down their audiences and connect more personally with each member.

Short-run digital printing projects have increased in recent years, however, Kenwel’s offset printing capabilities are still in demand for larger high-quality runs. When printing higher volumes, offset still remains the most cost-effective and provides more accurate color reproduction.

Kenwel’s variety of equipment and experts – for both offset and digital printing – provides the customer with options. One way may make more sense than the other depending on budget, timeframe and needed quantity.

Having a long history with printing envelopes and providing mailing services, Kenwel takes pridein achieving Seamless Acceptance rating by the USPS accelerating their mail processing. Kenwel has also met quality thresholds with the USPS in order to be included in the Mail Anywhere program. This allows Kenwel to use the same permit at any location while having a centralized account to enter and pay for all mailings across the country – a benefit that extends to their customers.

While direct mail took somewhat of the backseat with the deluge of digital marketing. Kenwel’s mail expert, Phil Osborn, says that they have seen an upswing. Studies have shown that successful marketers are incorporating direct mail into their omni-channel efforts.

Fisher said, “Present day, we are continuing to evolve – researching, reviewing and investing in
new equipment; developing processes that will help us help our customers.”

The Kenwel team consists of experienced knowledgeable customer service representatives, mail, pre-press and production experts who have the ability to adapt to changing job requirements. Kenwel’s long-standing network of trusted resources and subcontractors extends the services they can provide to help customers work through any communication challenge.

Kenwel was founded in 1952 by Ken Taylor and John L. Worrell, further developed by John and his wife Virginia Worrell, then incorporated in 1969. Since its founding Kenwel has worked with a wide range of businesses and nonprofits including corporate headquarters, universities, and small businesses primarily in the Columbus area.

Kenwel Printers, Inc. is located in Clintonville, conveniently between I-71 and Rt. 23, just south of Morse Road at 4272 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214. For more information visit or call 614-261-1011,

Look for more of Kenwel Printers’ 70-year celebration throughout 2022.