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Joseph Ours will lead a discussion on artificial intelligence at the 2024 National Leadership Conference for Chief Judges of US District and Bankruptcy Courts. | Centric Consulting

April 1st, 2024

Slated for March 21 in Washington, D.C., Joseph Ours will present “Navigating the AI Revolution: Safely and Effectively Leading Your Court into an AI-Powered Future” at the 2024 National Leadership Conference for Chief Judges of US District and Bankruptcy Courts.

Ours is Centric Consulting’s AI Strategy and Modern Software Delivery practice lead. His presentation aims to equip chief judges with the knowledge and tools necessary for leading their courts into the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

The private event is hosted by the Federal Judicial Center (FJC), a small federal government agency whose sole mission is research and education to support the administration of justice in US federal courts. The FJC includes 27,000 federal court judges, executives, managers, and staff in 94 districts. Conference attendees come from all 50 states and territories of the US government.

“It’s an honor and privilege to speak to the Federal Chief Judges of the US District and Bankruptcy Courts on how to lead their courts into an AI-powered future,” Ours said. “This presentation is a great opportunity to share frameworks and best practices for developing responsible and ethical best practices in the deployment of AI and to help create a more informed reliance on AI-driven data.”

In addition to the foundational overview of AI, Ours will dive into the complex ethical terrain of AI, using real-world case studies and news stories to illustrate both the beneficial applications and potential pitfalls of AI in various settings. Some ethical considerations judicial executives will have to navigate as they implement AI solutions include bias, transparency and accountability.

Ours will end his session with an open Q&A session on responsible AI practices, the need for AI governance, and the immediate steps a leader can take to guide their organization into an AI-powered future.

About Joseph Ours

Joseph Ours Centric Consulting

Joseph Ours is a technology futurist passionate about bringing innovation and digital transformation to his clients with speed and scale. He leads the AI Strategy and Modern Software Delivery practices at Centric Consulting, bringing nearly three decades of experience in IT and management consulting across AI, automation, cloud platforms, DevOps, quality assurance, and agile development.

Recently, Joseph has focused on helping Fortune 500 companies develop AI solutions for process automation, personalized customer experiences, and value chain optimization through strategy, visioning and implementation.

Joseph regularly contributes to Forbes and InformationWeek, sharing the latest thinking on AI readiness, planning, and governance. He is a prominent speaker on AI, presenting at events nationwide with organizations such as the Risk Management and Insurance Society (RIMS), Project Management Institute (PMI), Society for Information Management (SIM), American Health Information Management Association AHIMA), InsureTech, and more.