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Columbus Chamber Renews Energy Savings Program partnership with Worthington Energy Consultants | Introduces Energility

February 28th, 2023

Columbus, OH – The Columbus Chamber of Commerce (Columbus Chamber) is thrilled to renew its Energy Savings Program partnership with Worthington Energy Consultants. We are excited to introduce Energility, which is joining the Energy Savings Program, to enhance and extend more ways for members to save. Energility and Worthington Energy Consultants bring decades of experience helping small businesses to large corporate enterprises find low cost and creative solutions for energy efficiency and energy management. Columbus Chamber Members will maximize their energy savings and work towards their sustainability goals with the holistic approach of the Energy Savings Program.

The program will continue to offer our membership the following:

  • Energy Management Get control of your building energy use, manage your energy cost and risk, and implement sustainable technology and practices.
  • Efficiency Projects Implement projects that help reduce the carbon footprint, lower spending, and identifying capital funding sources for projects for our clients.
  • Procurement Services Leverage strong energy supplier relationships along with helping navigate price, product, terms, and contracting language to assure the best outcome for our clients.
  • Sustainability Goals Advise organizations on how to plan, quantify, and celebrate successes with our clients on their journey to a sustainable future.
  • Examples include electricity and natural gas purchasing, energy audits, ESG planning, ENERGY STAR® building certification, and much more.


The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is a mission-driven nonprofit organization serving more than 2,300 organizations throughout Central Ohio. The Columbus Chamber, founded in 1884, is committed to advancing a thriving Columbus Region and provides support in the areas of research, government affairs, marketing, education, and workforce development.


Energility believes every organization deserves access to an energy manager who will work with them to realize both lower environmental impact and lower energy costs.


Worthington Energy Consultants provides custom energy solutions for electricity and natural gas procurement in all deregulated states across the country. We deliver the most competitive pricing in any market environment, along with savings plans, energy efficiency, and sustainability planning for organization of all sizes. We leverage our team of experts, supplier relationships, and analytical processes to help you make the best energy decisions for your organization.