cbuzz: Janelle Coleman, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium: Building brands focused on community

June 11th, 2020

This episode was previously recorded in winter 2019 and published at this later date. Janelle Coleman also presented at the Columbus Chamber’s 2020 Annual Meeting as a keynote speaker – pictures from the event can be found here

If there’s one thing Janelle Coleman wants to focus on in her role as Executive Vice President of External Affairs at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, it’s storytelling.

And there are plenty of stories to tell as a world-renowned zoo.

“I want everyone in our community to feel like it’s their zoo,” says Janelle.

Janelle’s appreciation and interest in community extends nearly her entire life – from growing up in Cleveland to her time at Ohio University and into her career at L Brands and now with the Columbus Zoo.

Tune in as Janelle sits down with cbuzz host Mikaela Hunt for one of our most engaging conversations yet.

To learn more about the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, click here.

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