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Member Spotlight: ClearView Management Resources

January 14th, 2021

Member Spotlight by Michael “Mac” M

Provide us with a brief summary of your business’ services.
ClearView Management Resources collaborates with you to discover and define a holistic, integrated and clearer view of your situation along with the paths to improve it. Often, perceived problems and obstacles are really opportunities to go places you didn’t think possible. We have proven methodologies to advance talent, processes, and company growth that will be used transform your organization into a more agile, sustainable business. Some business models we use:

• Talent + Technology = Agility + Sustainability
• P = MT2 (Performance = Mindset • Talents • Technology)
• TM&L = Holistic, Integrated Talent: Architecture + Identification + Acquisition + Development + Tracking + Performance Mgt. + Retention + Leadership
• D8esigned for Results = Define • Discover • reDefine • Design • Develop • Deliver • Deploy • Dissect

Samples: We performed OD assessments and Transformational Consulting for: MFG firms, big box retail, government agencies, financial institutions and healthcare (e.g. hospital). We completed an Ohio MFG Talent Needs study for The Ohio State University. We have coached, consulted and mentored executives through M&A’s and Sales teams’ transformations (in one case increased sales from $168M to $252M in 10 months). Our team has extensive knowledge in operations and supply chains, helping to start-up, run and deliver on many projects, including one that generated cost savings of over $1.8MM through performance and process improvement. Talent Development is a cornerstone of our services. We have developed and delivered over 50 courses and 1,000 days of training. We design training systems including micro-credentialing in career pathways, curriculum, What If-Mind Drills, pre- and post-class assignments, SME criteria, ongoing mentoring, LMS’s, learning measurements, etc.

Michael McVey (aka Mac) started ClearView over 12 years ago. His career began with 10 years in the US Navy, Nuclear Power Program. Along with his time on an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War and four years on a nuclear submarine he spent four years as an instructor of Reactor and Power Plant operators, which began his years of experience in Talent Management.

We also offer Software Solutions (we design, develop and deploy) such as Talegence, TeamshareHub and IntelAlign.

Tell us about your company’s mission and values.
Mission: ClearView provides resources for your management team to achieve full realization of all your organization’s talent to fulfill your mission.

• Talent, Talent, Talent…at all levels and in every person
• Leadership is the primary driver in transforming and sustaining Culture
• Alignment is a key element of Employee Engagement (Motivation & Commitment)
• Equitable & Balanced Accountability…Unsolved Problems are Missed Opportunities
• (Measure, Measure, Measure = Data, Data, Data) x Analytics = Intelligence
• Engage Everyone: Creativity & Innovation in Every Aspect of Business
• Trust Begins & Ends with Leadership
• Diversity is a Cornerstone of Individual & Organizational Growth

What are the services you use the most (or are looking forward to using) from the Columbus Chamber?
• Creative and exploring; diverse; work towards multiple perspectives alignment; engage all talent at all levels in all activities; open and honest; systems for stability and reliability…
• Community Causes:
o Manufacturing: 1) Co-Founded the NC Ohio MFG Team; 2) Member of COMP (Central Ohio MFG Partnership); 3) Partner of both the Central Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and the Southeast Ohio MEP; and 4) Cofounded the Manufacturing Legacy Partnership
o Veterans: Co-Founded the Veteran Professionals Network of Central Ohio
o Women in Business: National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women Small Business Accelerator (WSBA)

What defines a successful employee at your company?
One that performs their job in accordance with job plan and culture plan; behaviors and outcomes. And if they are having performance problems, collaborate with improvement plans.

What makes Columbus such a great place to do business?
Columbus is a progressive growing city in the center of the 7th most populous state and the 3rd largest MFG state. As the capital there are many business functions, activities that are centered here. Furthermore, dozens of higher education institutions are located here. The highway system design facilitates timely, easy travel to anywhere in the state and to contiguous states, which also attracts a large distribution, logistics industry. Lots of fun and business growth potential!

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