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Summer 2023 | class 7

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The seventh class of Elevate Cbus will launch on July 11, 2023.  The series will take place in person as long as this is possible due to COVID-19 and in adherence to CDC guidelines. All class sessions will meet monthly from 3-7PM.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ElevateCbus@Columbus.org.

Session 7 Programming

July 11th – Kick-off for Class 7

  • Session 1 | July 18: So You Want to Lead: Complete Lumina Spark assessment. Discussing the value of leaders who deeply understand patterns in human behavior. Creating a deeper understanding of self and learning new perspectives on how others perceive you.
  • Session 2 | August 8: Engaging Others in Your Journey and Staying on Track: Discussing the power of mentors and feedback in growing as leaders. Working on a practical game plan to seek mentors and discovering new techniques to give and receiving feedback for higher growth.
  • Session 3 | September 12: Building Your Relationships: Using a science-based approach to observe behavior patterns in other people to build rapport and influence.
  • Session 4 | October 10: Manage Process, Lead People – All leaders manage, but not all managers lead. This is your year for strong personal growth as a leader and a manager – make it a great one! Does your leadership align with your top values? Can you explain confidently how value is created? Are you asking for feedback each week? (e.g., what could I have done better this week?) Do you make your people feel valuable? How will you improve the way you run meetings?
  • Session 5 | November 7: The Road to Elevation – Building an innovative mindset. Getting closer to the customer. Creating better ideation. Making a model for value creation. Building next steps.
  • Session 6 | December 12: Make it Last – Sharing your learning journey through Elevate CBUS. You will inspire others with the changes you’ve achieved and be inspired by what others have done. Share how you’ve changed as a leader in the last 6 months. Gain inspiration from the stories shared by others. Strengthen your beliefs about who you can become as a leader
  • Graduation for Class 7 | TBD

    Early Bird Price (Now-May 1): $900

    Once your nomination is received, you will receive an invoice from the Chamber. Payment of the invoice is made directly to the Columbus Chamber.  Applications are accepted on a rolling, first-come basis. 

    Location: SEA, Ltd.

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