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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help answer your Chamber-related questions

If my employer is a member of the Chamber does that make me a member?

Yes as our memberships covers the entire business (inclusive of employees). If your employer is a Chamber Member you can utilize the Chamber as well.

How do I update my company’s directory listing?

Please contact your Account Representative for login credential information or email us at

How can my company be included in the Member Spotlight?

Member Spotlights are on a first come first served basis. Please contact your Account Representative for the questionnaire to be completed.

My membership level includes consultative hours, how do I access research services?

For research and other departmental requests, please contact your Account Representative. They will work with you and our research team to get the reports for you.

Can we include the Chamber logo on our website? Where can we get this?

Absolutely! Please contact your Account Representative for more information.

My company published an article in our newsletter that we would like to share with members. Can this be included in your member newsletter?

No. However, there are more appropriate venues for receiving visibility such as sharing insights on our Chamber blog or via Member Insights articles on our website.

Does your membership list for Growth Connect and higher tiers include e-mail addresses?

No. First, we respect the privacy of our members’ email addresses and as such follow the CAN-SPAM Act. Essentially, this Act requires a business to identify the message as an ad and state the product/service in the Subject Header. This tends to be an ineffective way to reach the decision makers. Secondly, our members have found great success (and results) with our business-to-business connections provided through your Account Representative and Chamber staff.

We are having a ribbon cutting at our new office, can the Chamber participate?

As long as advance notice is given (minimum seven days), the Chamber would love to help you celebrate your business opening, milestone celebration and more. Please contact your Account Representative for more information.

Can your savings programs really provide my business or organization a significant discount?

In most cases, yes. We pool together our businesses (around 2,000) and their respective employees to receive the best possible savings for a variety of products and services (e.g. health insurance, 401 (k), workers compensation, office supplies, energy savings and supplemental benefits). At the very least, every member is encouraged to receive a quote from our Chamber partners.

What is a Letter of Introduction (a benefit provided to Growth Connect and higher members)?

Simply put, the Columbus Chamber’s president, Don DePerro, will provide an endorsement letter to a targeted company or contact of your choosing – introducing your product, service or company. If you do not have a list of potential prospects, we would be happy to help through our research or member services department. Please contact your Account Representative for more information.

Can you help me fill the position of_________________?

Yes, we can provide suggestions, guidance, direction and connections in order to help you fill positions. Learn more about posting to the Chamber Job Board!