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Turn cybersecurity to drive your business strategy and create meaningful value | Gamma Force

May 24th, 2023

At Gamma Force we provide world-class security expertise and guidance in order for organizations of all sizes to benefit from effective information assurance programs that work seamlessly alongside your company’s business objectives while improving overall cybersecurity posture.

If you’ve a burning question, we’ll focus on that first and help you understand where you can go in the future.

Otherwise, we’ll help you understand the business drivers for security and how you can change the approach in your organization to be more strategic.

Gamma Force can serve as a strategic advisor and provide fractional executive services serving as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer. This may include:

  • Supporting and evolving a risk-based security and privacy program, while strategically aligning to the business.
  • Information security policy and procedure creation
  • Manage risk and introduce processes and technologies to create capabilities that scale with your company as it evolves
  • Represent the security program to other third parties and assist with questionnaires as requested – we’ll help you build capabilities in your organization to satisfy the expectations of your market for cybersecurity
  • Recommend product features and business process improvements to ensure that security is built into everything that you do.
  • Understand your market and product working to build security features into your business to create a competitive advantage.

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