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The Business of Small Business Banking – What Business Owners Need to Know Today | GREENCREST

July 6th, 2023

Fortuna Bank leaders Lisa Berger and Ilaria Rawlins join Kelly Borth on this Ignite Your Business® Podcast.

Fortuna Proposed CEO, Ilaria Rawlins

Columbus, OH (July 5, 2023) — Small business owners drive local and national economies, but they also face unique challenges. Access to capital, securing financing, privacy and security of their financial data, and emerging technologies such as AI and cryptocurrency are all top of mind to most business owners today. How can small business owners mitigate these and other economic challenges? Can smaller banks better meet the needs of small business owners? These are some of the topics GREENCREST CEO and chief strategy officer, Kelly Borth, discusses with Ilaria Rawlins, proposed CEO and Lisa Berger, chair of Columbus based Fortuna Bank, one of fewer than 20 women-owned banks in the United States, on the 126th Ignite Your Business® Podcast, airing June 26, 2023.

Lisa Berger, Board Chair of Fortuna Bank

Rawlins and Berger provide insight into the unique banking relationship small banks have with their customers and discuss why it’s not enough for business owners to just be aware of emerging technologies like blockchain and AI, but why they should start finding ways to use them to their competitive advantage.

Rawlins stressed the importance of building relationships with your financial partners before a crisis, saying “it is critical to have a proactive relationship with your bank and banker. A strong banker not only can guide you through strategic cash management and lending options but is also aware of what other government programs would be available to you.”

The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is a resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other industry leaders looking for a way to exchange ideas and learn from other highly respected business professionals in a variety of industries.

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About Ilaria Rawlins

Ilaria Rawlins is the proposed chief executive officer and president of Fortuna Bank. An experienced bank leader with over 30 years of banking experience, she served as retail bank president of First Financial Bank, leading the entire retail network of 140 branches and 775 full time associates, and as senior vice president of retail development for a Columbus, Ohio de novo bank with extensive involvement in the bank’s launch and organization. In addition to the responsibilities in client acquisition, treasury management sales, bank compliance, bank marketing, core system integration, and community initiatives, Rawlins played an integral role in the sale of the bank and led the merger integration and system conversion activities related to the 2014 First Financial Bank purchase. 

About Lisa Berger

Lisa Berger is the proposed chairwoman of the board of Fortuna Bank. Berger is a licensed attorney and title agent who grew up in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Columbus School for Girls and Princeton University, returning home to attend law school at The Ohio State University. Prior to its sale to Chicago Title in 2016, Berger was the owner and operator of Amerititle Downtown. She practiced law with the Kayne Law Group from 2004 until 2006 and real estate law at Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur from 1998 until 2004. Ms. Berger is active in civic and educational charities in the Columbus Metropolitan Area, including serving on the Board of Trustees of Columbus School for Girls.


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