Take Charge of Your Pain With Chiropractic

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When patients come to us here at Ability Chiropractic, we stress to them that the main thing we are trying to prioritize is better function and overall health of the body and mind. However, what almost always consumes our patient’s lives is their pain – overcoming it, getting rid of it and everything in between. This is of course understandable because ultimately pain limits us. It stops us from doing the things we enjoy and want to do. We can’t play with our kids because our back is hurting; we can’t go enjoy our hobbies because of a throbbing headache. This pain is extremely frustrating, but happens for a reason.

Our chiropractors want our patients to think of their pain as a sort of “Check Engine” light within the body. Pain is there as the body’s last-ditch effort to tell you something is going wrong. However, this means that there were signs and steps long before that pain came to be that should have told us something is happening (unless, of course, there was a serious trauma that occurred).

This “system” within our body is designed to protect us, whether it is from repeating that damage or preventing it from coming back. No one wants to drive a car that is flashing with warning lights and alarms. You want to solve the problems going on underneath the hood so the car continues to get you from Point A to Point B. You’re hoping whatever the problem may be is incredibly minor, such as replacing or changing the oil, as opposed to the engine blowing.

This “panic” mode of a vehicle is very similar to the way our brains respond when they begin to experience pain. The brain becomes constantly stimulated with fear response and other emotions. We do not want our bodies to constantly be in this crisis mode as it will cause the function in other areas of our body to start to dwindle.

This is where the chiropractic adjustment comes into play. We need to get adjusted to take the stress out of the system and focus on where the issue actually is. Only 10 percent of our entire nervous system governs pain – so why would you let something that is only 10 percent govern 100 percent of how you feel, how you interact with others, and what you do?

Do not let pain limit your life. Stop into one of our offices, get adjusted and take charge of your pain and how you feel. From chiropractic neurology to massage therapy, our team is ready to help you find ways to achieve a healthy, pain-free life.

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