Inclusive Learning Workshops

A curated collection of learning experiences to foster inclusive excellence

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce proudly presents Inclusive Learning workshops, a collection of courses designed to unlock the full potential of your organization.  


  • $1,500 per 90-minute session + cost of assessments, if applicable
  • $2,500 per ½ day session (4 hrs) + cost of assessments, if applicable
  • $3,000 per full day session (6.5 hrs + breaks) + cost of assessments, if applicable
  • $5,000 customized session design and facilitation + cost of assessments, if applicable


Creating a Culture of BelongingEvaluate your organization’s current standing in fostering a culture of belonging and learn expert strategies to seamlessly bridge existing gaps.
Cultivating Inclusive ExcellenceAn in-depth exploration of the Inclusive Excellence competency to equip leaders to guide their teams in a manner that encourages employees to bring their best selves to the workplace and foster heightened levels of engagement, collaboration, and overall job satisfaction.
Harmonizing Behavioral StylesLearn about diverse behavioral styles and unlock strategies for effective communication and enhanced collaboration within your team. Acquire insights into tailored approaches for different styles, cultivating a culture of synergy and production.  
Leading High-Performing TeamsDevelop skills and strategies to cultivate a culture of peak performance, collaboration, and innovation within teams. This session includes an online team assessment, an additional $60-$100 per participant, depending on the assessment you select.
Leveraging IntersectionalityGlean strategies to understand the dimensions of diversity that comprise social identities and reduce the emotional tax or converging social identities in the workplace.
Leveraging StrengthsLearn techniques to leverage individual and collective strengths to maximize impact in the workplace. This workshop includes the CliftonStrengthsfinder assessment, which is an additional $100 per participant.
Leveraging SubculturesCraft approaches to ensure that subcultures coexist in support of the organization’s primary cultures and bring the best out of each subculture for the organization’s greater good.
Maximizing Synergies Across GenerationsAdopt techniques to bridge generational gaps and foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
Navigating Workplace ConflictLearn essential skills and proven strategies to address and mitigate workplace disputes, navigate challenges, enhance communication, and promote harmony within the team. This session includes the Kilmann Diagnostic, which is an additional $50 per participant.
Trauma-informed LeadershipEmpower your team with methods to understand and appreciate each individual’s emotional experiences, know-how trauma impacts individuals in the workplace, and determine which action to take to help individuals get back on course.

Inclusive Learning Workshops

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