cbuzz: Josh Demidovich, CK Green Partners: Entrepreneurship in Technology and Workforce

January 1st, 2023

Josh has over 15+ years of consulting, and executive leadership experience focused on helping companies develop and execute their strategies. Josh’s passion has centered around creating more efficient hiring ecosystems that benefit both employers and job seekers.  In the last two years, Josh has focused on a career as an entrepreneur, with interest or direct management in 4 new companies. 

Josh Demidovich is an executive leader whose passion centers around growing ideas into accretive companies and multi-million dollar brands. One of his core values is compassion which motivated him to build a company, HireRQ. It aims to help people by providing access to the tools that makes the hiring process more successful. HireRQ focuses on a more efficient hiring ecosystem that benefits both employers and job seekers. Josh leverages his knowledge and skills in strategic planning, enterprise sales, partnerships, project management, P&L management, and capital raising to drive all portfolio companies forward, which also includes Robojo. Robojo is an investment where Josh and his partners are providing exclusive access to robotic technology coffee delivery systems.

To learn more about CK Green Partners, visit ckgreenpartners.com.

Tune in today as Josh Demidovich sit down with cbuzz host Mikaela Hunt to talk about his journey in entrepreneurship and the solutions he is providing in the workforce and technology space.

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