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Member Insights: Why Building a New Home is Better than Buying a ‘Used’ Home

February 12th, 2020

Member Insights by Bob Webb Homes

Most people understand the pros and cons of buying a new or used car. But have you ever thought about buying a new or ‘used’ home? What, you say? Of course not! Who thinks about homes in terms of new or used? In the real estate world, a resale home is never listed as ‘used’.

Think about it for a minute… unless you’re building your home, any other home on the market is technically ‘used’.  That means it’s been somebody else’s home. A home designed for some other family, in some other era, filled with somebody else’s carpet, wallpaper and roof issues. A home which may, or may not, require the fixer-upper fortitude of a visionary who will know precisely what it will take to bring it up to the standards of a busy, modern family.

On the other hand, when you build a new home, everything is, well… new! It’s built to your tastes, to your specifications. There’s no worry about ripping out carpet or knocking down walls… everything in your newly built home is untouched, under warranty and ready and waiting for your family to make your ‘new’ home your own.

New or Used… Which is Right for You?

Which appeals to you most? Do you prefer a newly-built home that you’ve helped design from the get-go that offers the latest efficiencies in style, energy and technology? Or would you like a previously-owned ‘used’ home that may be loaded with charm, but requires much-needed work to create a space that works for today’s modern family?

Your answer, most likely, will depend on your lifestyle preferences, budget, and the emphasis you put on things like energy efficiency and open floor plans. When buying ‘used’ you might also want to consider your aptitude when it comes to DIY home repairs and improvements.

You might have your heart set on a ‘used’ home in an older neighborhood. Or you might be a DIY aficionado with a thirst for taking an old house and transforming it, no matter how much time, money and angst it may take. Retrofits and roof repairs and kitchen remodels all come with a hefty price tag … one that may end up costing you more than you bargained for as ‘used’ home issues arise.

Oops… Our Builder Bias Is Showing

Now, let’s get down to why building new is so much better. We’ve weighed the pros and cons and frankly, there’s just no contest. The fact of the matter is this, everything in a new-build is:

(1) NEW

(2) Under warranty

(3) Built to code for today’s standards

For example: walls, doors, windows, roofs, furnaces and air conditioning are all brand new and energy efficient. Wiring and electrical are warranted and equipped to handle all the technological challenges today’s families need. And what about style? Floor plans are open and integrated. Plus all the finishes – the appliances, the countertops, the flooring, the tile, the cabinetry- will be selected by you, not by a previous owner from the 1980’s.

Are we a little biased? Perhaps. But don’t take our word for it, check the list that follows and see for yourself how NEW vs. USED measures up.

 The upside of BUILDING NEW:

  • Brand new, pristine, move-in ready!
  • Fully customized home with plenty of square footage for living and storage
  • Open floor plans, custom features designed for you and your family
  • Finishes and décor as you like it – all chosen by you!
  • Everything is brand new, fully warranted, and built to code
  • Energy-efficient walls, door, windows, roof, heating and cooling
  • Wiring and electrical designed to handle today’s high-tech demands
  • No exterior or interior painting needed for at least 20 years
  • No DIY projects needed for many years to come

The downside of BUYING ‘USED’:

  • Previously ‘used’ by another owner – may need extensive cleaning before move-in
  • Floor plan, finishes, décor may need extensive updating
  • Older kitchen design, countertops, appliances may be outdated and inefficient
  • Less energy-efficient windows, insulation, etc.
  • Plumbing, electrical may not be up to code – may need updates
  • Wiring and electrical not designed for high-tech demands of today
  • Lower ceilings, less open floor plans, smaller closets
  • Old, dated décor like carpeting, paneling, wallpaper to rip out and replace
  • Older roof, furnace/AC issues may need costly fixes or replacement
  • Exterior and/or interior may need immediate painting or maintenance
  • Numerous DIY projects or updates may turn home into ‘money pit’

Apples to apples, ‘new’ trumps ‘used’ every time. Why not give us a call and build ‘new’ with Bob Webb? Our design professionals will help you create a custom home that will fit your life, your style, your vision… and make every square foot count!