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Member Insights: New CyberSecure Toolkit Provides an Actionable Roadmap for Facing Cyber Security Risks

February 1st, 2021

Member Insights by Simple Plan IT

Summary: A new toolkit from Simple Plan IT makes it simple for businesses to assess and address cyber security risks that they may face.

Simple Plan IT, a cyber security services provider based in Columbus, Ohio, has launched a new toolkit to help businesses with cyber security concerns. The CyberSecure Toolkit offers actionable advice that enables businesses to become more secure than ever.

Cyber security risks present a significant problem to businesses of all sizes and can lead to losses of both time and money when security breaches do occur. Addressing cyber security risks can be difficult for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises that may not have the necessary resources. The CyberSecure Toolkit is designed to simplify the process by quickly identifying areas of risk and providing an actionable roadmap that will instruct businesses on how to address these risks. Access to this type of toolkit that simplifies the process of achieving cyber security makes it possible for any business to avoid these risks.

The toolkit contains policy templates, operational checklists and awareness material. Businesses can tailor these resources to suit their needs and implement them in a way that works for them. Simple Plan IT has even streamlined the process to make it really easy for businesses to get started. First, they complete a Cyber Health Check questionnaire. They are then given an Interactive Dashboard which aligns their digital risk profile with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. Finally, businesses get access to a customized toolkit that is designed to help them address their specific areas of need.

There are two toolkit plans available, including Basic, which is designed for micro businesses, and Professional, which is suitable for small and medium businesses. The toolkits offer an easy starting point for businesses that need to tighten up their cyber security, and they also tie into the other services offered by Simple Plan IT. Additional services include CyberSecure SOC (Security Operations Center) and vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer), both of which help businesses to implement their CyberSecure Toolkit and mitigate the level of security risk to their company. They also offer CyberSecure Training, which helps to reduce human security risks by continuously educating staff members on the latest criminal tactics.

Simple Plan IT focuses on a range of key areas of cyber security, including information security, device security, and incident response, among others. They have worked with leading legal and policy advisors to create editable templates that can be implemented according to each organization’s needs, a full set of which is available with the Professional plan. The Basic plan includes an editable policy template as well as operational guides and checklists to help micro businesses get started.

To get started with the CyberSecure Toolkit, decision makers simply need to visit the Simple Plan IT website and choose the toolkit plan that works for them. Getting in touch is easy, with the contact form at the bottom of any page, or through phone or email.

For more information, visit the Simple Plan IT website at Please contact A-Jay Orr with any inquiries. Call 614-484-0918, email or write to 175 S. 3rd St, STE #200 Columbus, OH 43215.