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Invest in Black Kahawa Coffee!

March 28th, 2024

Douglas is bringing people together over the story of coffee’s East African origin.


  • Black Kahawa Coffee imported coffee for the first time in 2022 from Tanzania, and it was several of these farmers first time accessing the US market.
  • Black Kahawa Coffee earned MBE and EDGE certifications with the State of Ohio this year.
  • Black Kahawa’s The Columbus Peaberry, a single origin dark roast, is now sold in the Discover Local section of 53 Kroger stores in the Central Ohio region.
  • Black Kahawa was featured in The Columbus Dispatch, as one of the top 29 Black-owned businesses to visit during February 2024.

What We Do

Black Kahawa Coffee was founded in 2019 to share this story with our city, Columbus, Ohio, and the world. We import coffee from small farms and estates in East African countries, often through direct trade. We sell our roasted coffee wholesale to businesses, grocers, and direct to consumers through our website and mobile coffee experience.

Use of Funds Raised

The funds raised on Honeycomb will enable us to invest in a new roaster, that will increase our roasting capacity by more than four times and prepare us for continued growth. We will also refinance existing high-interest debt, ensuring a more stable financial foundation for our future. This funding will also go toward hiring and training new baristas for our direct-to-consumer coffee patio right in the heart of downtown Columbus. From this patio we will proudly serve our entire range of East African coffees, including our locally celebrated Zanzibar spice nitro-cold brew.