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Ignite Your Business® Podcast- 120 – David Staley, president of Columbus Futurists – Trends That May Impact Central Ohio and Businesses Now and Into the Future

February 27th, 2023

What Central Ohio business owners should know about Intel, inflation, and the hiring crises

Columbus, OH (February 24, 2023) — Biotech, automation, Intel, the end of globalization, the great resignation, optimism about the Central Ohio economy and why Boomers will not go quietly into retirement, are just some of the topics author, futurist and professor, David Staley, covers in his lively conversation with Kelly Borth in the 120th Ignite Your Business® Podcast, airing February 20, 2023. In this episode, Staley, Associate Professor of History and Design at The Ohio State University and President of Columbus Futurists, analyzes how economic and business trends have played out since his 2018 GREENCREST guest spot, his thoughts on current hot-button topics such as the impact of Intel, inflation and the hiring crisis, and the trends business owners should be aware of that could shape the future.

Staley’s professional career is an artful balance of future planning by learning from history – his professional sweet spot. With Columbus Futurists, Staley leads the region’s “imaginetic center,” creating and curating ideas and images of the future of energy, the environment, education, technology, society and culture, politics, and the future of Central Ohio, for crises, opportunities, and preferred futures. Tune in to learn more about Staley’s thoughts on the future of Central Ohio.

The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is a resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other industry leaders looking for a way to exchange ideas and learn from other highly respected business professionals in a variety of industries.

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About David Staley

David Staley is an associate professor in the Department of History at The Ohio State University–where he teaches courses in digital history and historical methods–and holds courtesy appointments in the departments of Design–where he has taught courses in Design History and Design Futures–and Educational Studies, where he has led the “Forum on the University.”  He is the author of Historical Imagination (Routledge, 2020); Alternative Universities: Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019); Brain, Mind and Internet: A Deep History and Future) Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), Computers, Visualization and History, 2nded. (Routledge, 2014) and History and Future: Using Historical Thinking to Imagine the Future (Lexington Books, 2007)He is an Honorary Faculty Fellow in Innovation at the Center for Higher Ed Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP) at Bay Path University, and was recently named a Fellow at the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University.  He is host of the “Voices of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences” podcast. In addition to his written work, he has designed and curated both online and physical exhibitions and has published numerous visual compositions in digital media. From 2003-2008, Staley was the Executive Director of the American Association for History and Computing (AAHC).  

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