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Growing the Trades: Watermark Home Services Announces Expansion of Apprenticeship Programs in All Major Ohio Cities

February 10th, 2024

(Columbus, Ohio) Watermark Home Services, Ohio’s leading plumbing, drain cleaning, heating, and cooling services contractor, announces the expansion of a statewide apprenticeship program.

A fully established state-certified program to develop technicians in the trades, The Watermark Home Services apprenticeship program is licensed and approved by the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council (OSAC), The Department of Labor, PHCC, and Veteran Affairs.

Under the leadership of David Specht, the apprentice program was established in 2013 at The Waterworks, a Columbus, Ohio-based company known for commercial and residential plumbing, drain cleaning, heating, and cooling. David Specht, President & COO Of Watermark Home Services, was

instrumental in the program’s original development and focused on developing the skillset of technicians in-house. The newly expanded apprentice program includes sixty-five plumbing and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) apprentices, serving multiple locations in Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. Through the program, apprentices can gain relevant experience via a combination of classroom, hands-on lab work, and on-the-job training.

The current list of Watermark Home Services companies includes The Waterworks (Columbus, Ohio), Atherton Plumbing (Dayton, Ohio), The Plumbing Source (Cleveland, Ohio), Ken Neyer Plumbing, Nixco Plumbing and JonLe Heating & Cooling (Cincinnati, Ohio).

“The Watermark Home Services Apprenticeship Program provides an opportunity for our family of companies to support each technician’s success, while growing the demand of plumbing and HVAC technicians in our markets, as well as increase the overall supply of qualified technicians across the state of Ohio,” stated Specht.

Unique to this program, the apprentices immediately become full-time employees, earning a wage and access to full-time benefits, all while working toward earning their Journeyman Plumbing Certification or HVAC apprentice requirement. Over the four years, plumbing apprentices will work through a tiered online program complemented with hands-on practical experience. After completing the program, apprentices can take the National Standard exam and apply for the elected license in their city. The statewide program is a proven ‘earn-while-you-learn’ training model that creates a talent pipeline into our family of companies, offering a long-term workforce strategy. Apprentices in the program know this is a pathway to a great paying, recession-proof career they can be proud of,” said Specht.

About Watermark Home Services

Watermark Home Services, LLC is a Columbus, Ohio-based Home, and Commercial Services company focused exclusively on the Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, HVAC and Construction industries. Its current business partners include The Waterworks (Columbus, Ohio), Atherton Plumbing (Dayton, Ohio), The Plumbing Source (Cleveland, Ohio), Ken Neyer Plumbing, Nixco Plumbing, and JonLe Heating & Cooling (Cincinnati, Ohio).