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Government Insider | April 29, 2022

April 29th, 2022

Intel Seeks Ohio Suppliers

Intel is looking for Ohio suppliers as it prepares to break ground on its new fab in the Silicon Heartland. A portal has been created to help facilitate local supplier engagement for the company’s newest manufacturing investments. Suppliers have been grouped into eight categories including Employee Services, Logistics and Transportation, and Factory Materials. 

The portal is available and provides information on how to become an Intel supplier. Needs for the Licking County “mega-project” will only increase as the project gets underway. Companies looking to establish a foothold with Intel are encouraged to engage sooner than later.

Extra Federal Funding for Local Infrastructure Projects

Gov. Mike DeWine’s administration will be sending $47.5 million in extra funding for local bridge projects for the next five years thanks to federal funds enacted as a part of the federal bipartisan infrastructure law. The extra funds will bring Ohio’s annual investment in county and municipal bridges to $112.5 million per year.

Funding from ODOT for bridges maintained by the state’s 88 county engineers will increase from $34 million to $74 million annually, and municipal-owned bridge funding will increase from $11 million to $18.5 million each year. The additional $47.5 million is part of the $104 million in bridge funding that Ohio will receive in each of the next five years as part of the federal infrastructure bill. It requires Ohio to spend $15.6 million of the $104 million each year on bridges owned by municipalities, townships, and counties.

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Dez Bryant
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