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GBS Partners with Systech to Enhance Its Portfolio of Brand Protection Solutions

March 30th, 2023

North Canton, OH, March 30, 2023—GBS, a leading national information solutions provider with a premier Labeling division, is pleased to announce its partnership with Systech, a global leader in digital identification and traceability software solutions. This partnership enables both organizations to deliver advanced capabilities to customers across multiple industries to improve brand security and analytics.

Systech’s patented e-Fingerprinting® technology creates a unique digital identifier without having to print anything unique on each label. Instead, it utilizes the data carrier that is already being printed. The e- fingerprint is then stored in the cloud and can be accessed via smart phone to authenticate and track the product across the supply chain, detect product diversion, attach production information and more.

GBS sought to partner with Systech to include e-Fingerprinting technology in its growing portfolio of Brand Protection solutions. With this added capability, GBS has an opportunity to be the first to offer this technology to its manufacturing customers and initiate discussions on all they can do to protect a client’s brand as well as its market share.

Such individual identification technology unlocks a plethora of opportunities for analytics and brand protection. Whenever a product is scanned, its location is recorded in the cloud and the customer has the ability to geo-fence the product. If a scan is detected outside of the product’s intended location, an alert is created, ultimately ensuring the product’s security. This capability creates a natural brand protection solution safeguarding products from counterfeiting and gray market diversion, all while allowing for full traceability of the scanned product.

While Systech’s authentication solution is already proven in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, this partnership enables Systech to explore opportunities across the manufacturing industry, GBS’ largest area of focus within its Labeling division.

GBS Labeling division President Mike Vitale sees the Systech partnership as a win-win for both organizations. “Systech’s eFingerprint capability will further position GBS as the expert organization always looking to advance its offerings and help solve an epidemic problem by providing the most advanced technology solutions to protect our customers’ brands,” he states. “This partnership also provides Systech with expanded opportunities as they branch out into the manufacturing industry.”

“We are excited to partner with GBS to ensure product protection throughout the supply chain for their customers,” said David DeJean, Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts at Systech. “Systech solutions have been proven in the rigorous and highly regulated pharmaceutical industry and can help brands of all types protect their products through traceability and product authentication.”

GBS is honored to call Systech a business partner and is confident that with their combined areas of expertise, they can grow together to offer innovative brand protection for their customers.

“It is a privilege to partner with such a cutting-edge organization with such vast capabilities in brand security,” remarks Vitale. “As we continue to pursue leading-edge innovation, we will remain committed to advancements in brand protection for our clients and to the success and strength of our business relationships.”

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