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DEIA | Change is the New Normal. Build Your Resilience Muscles.

December 9th, 2021

March 2020 was the start of a major change for many organizations across the world. COVID-19 swept through the United States with a force that continues to impact us today. Many of us started working from home as we watched the social spots we once frequented close down in hopes of protecting employees and stopping the spread of COVID-19. While many of us have returned to a building in a full-time or hybrid fashion and some of our social spots have reopened, we are living in a new world AND most likely, we will not go back to how it used to be.  

As the virus replicates and the world changes to respond, we must reimagine everything and, as a result, change is the new normal. Change brings excitement and opportunity, yet it also brings fatigue when we don’t get a break from it. Instead of trying to fight it, we must change our mindset about it. Change is not an episodic event. It’s a journey that will continue for the rest of our lives. Let’s build our resilience muscles so that we can adapt quickly and move to the next leg of the journey with ease. Here’s what a few leading experts in the resilience development space have to say. 

Resilience is overcoming adversity, while also potentially changing, or even dramatically transforming aspects of that adversity. 

What is Resilience, Professor Angie Hart, University of Brighton  

Resilience is not a muscle we’re born with . . . We should never ask ourselves how much resilience we have, but rather how much we can build, and how we can build it into ourselves, our friends, and the people around us. 

A Conversation with Sheryl Sandberg on Resilience, Thought Economics 

So, what steps should we take to build our resilience muscles? Dr. Linda Hoopes has authored a powerful book and an assessment to help us assess our resilience level AND build our resilience muscles BEFORE we need to use them. She’s refreshed her original concept around resilience and now uses the term Prosilience to describe this work. In addition to the assessment, she offers four building blocks with associated actions to help us start doing this work. Check out her site, assess your resilience levels, and share your experience with us –  

 Remember, change is the new normal and it’s a journey. Build your resilience muscles and enjoy the journey. 

Sherrice Thomas Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access