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The Innovation & Transformation Council serves to advance the ideals of progress and create a thriving and inclusive community. Through the council, businesses from all industries can come together to co-create, share inspiration, and positively influence the future of the Columbus Region.

Our Mission: To advance better practices and unique programming to Chamber members and the Columbus Region business community to promote and encourage change.

Our Vision: To serve as the innovation and transformation thought leaders for small and mid-sized businesses seeking to adapt to new challenges. 

Members of our council are considered disruptors in their respective industries and have adapted their standard approach to business in an effort to elevate their services and products for businesses, consumers, and communities. 

  • We provide access to experts and leaders and offer exclusive insights touching on topics promoting innovation and transformation. We identify needs in our Columbus business community and provide suitable solutions that advance the ideals of change. We facilitate discussions that challenge traditional solutions. 

  • The council’s work will identify limitations to relevant workforce hurdles, focusing on emerging opportunities to invest in inclusive talent pipelines. From Zoom towns to virtual trainings and tapping into global resources, there are noteworthy solutions to our community’s imminent hiring needs. Our council explores workforce through the lens of innovation and transformation. 

  • As a part of its public policy agenda, the Chamber’s Government Relations team will work with the council to advocate for an economic and regulatory environment that encourages innovation, removing regulatory barriers that stand in the way of change. Creating a pro-business climate through legislation and policy is integral to supporting innovation and transformation throughout our business community. 

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