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TPI Celebrates 25 Years in Business

May 14th, 2021

Columbus, OH – TPI Celebrates 25 Years of Growth!  For the past 25 years TPI has been helping customers improve operational efficiency and make the most of their Wireless Network and barcoding investments.   TPI empowers local, national, and global clients in a variety of verticals- including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, retail, and healthcare to improve efficiencies and drive down costs- helping them compete in the markets they serve.

TPI’s approach is to get to know our customers’ business, get to the bottom of their business challenges, and consult them on the best ways to solve those problems. Our customers have confidence knowing they have a strategic technology partner in TPI who has the experience necessary to ensure success, and who is truly invested in their partnership. Having someone on your side with expertise in both wireless LAN and industrial computing systems is imperative when your mobile workers run critical applications at the edge of your enterprise, regardless of their location, the environment, or the specific devices you deploy to facilitate those applications.

Jeff Trotier, President and founder of TPI credits his all-star team and tremendous vendor partners for the continual growth over the past 25 years.  “The industry experience of our whole team and our tenacious commitment to customer care has led to consistent expansion and market share growth. We are incredibly fortunate to be in such a dynamic industry and proud to be based here in Columbus.” In addition to our Columbus, OH headquarters, TPI has branch locations in Akron, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Orange County, California.