Tips to Stay Safe on Your Roof During the Holidays

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This holiday season, you may find yourself needing to do some work on the roof of your home or business. Whether you’re planning on stringing up holiday lights or doing some general repairs, a trip on to the roof may be inevitable. It is important to take extreme caution when working on your roof in order to avoid injury, and whenever possible, avoid going up there in the first place. If all else fails and you must go on your roof please proceed with caution.

Be aware of environmental conditions

Perhaps the most important safety tip when doing work on your roof during the holidays is to pay attention to the environmental conditions on the day you are planning to do work. Frost and just a little bit of moisture can turn a roof into a slip and slide before you know it. It’s best to tackle these types of projects in the daylight, do not get on your roof in the dark, ever. Navigating your roof in the dark could have disastrous results so just don’t do it.


Keep your ladder steady

The CDC reports that in the last decade 43% of fatal falls involve a ladder.When climbing up to your roof, make sure your ladder is secured in place and stable for you to climb it. Any heavy snow or ice could affect the security of your ladder, so make sure to avoid doing work during bad weather. It’s also smart to have a friend or coworker act as a spotter, your ladder can become unstable in an instant and cause serious injury or death. Having someone hold the ladder, and just be there to assist in general could literally be a lifesaver.

Hanging decorations?

If you are planning to get up to your roof to string holiday lights or place some festive decorations above your home or business, make sure to inspect their quality before heading up. You don’t want to reach your roof, only to realize that the lights have burnt out or that various parts and pieces are missing from an item.

Non-holiday job?

Perhaps you don’t plan on decorating your home or business for the holidays, but you need to climb on to the roof to check for damages or do an annual inspection. Or, worst case scenario, your roof could have been the victim of winter weather and sprung a leak or two. In any of these cases, it is in your best interest to hire a professional to do the job for you. Not only will you have the confidence that comes from a job done correctly, but you’ll also save yourself from the risk of injury. If you try to tackle a difficult job yourself, you might accidentally make the problem worse. Leave the difficult work to the professionals and trust that your roof is in good hands.