The Emily Program to Expand Eating Disorder Treatment Services in Central Ohio

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The Center for Balanced Living in Columbus, Ohio Announces the Joining of Treatment Services with The Emily Program, a National Leader in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

The Center for Balanced Living has entered into an agreement for the transition of The Center’s eating disorder treatment services to The Emily Program, one of the largest eating disorder treatment programs in the country. The eating disorder treatment program at The Center will become The Emily Program – Columbus when the process finalizes at the beginning of March 2020. The Center for Balanced Living will continue as a non‐profit with the mission of community education and advocacy aimed at raising awareness and reducing stigma of eating disorders. Both The Center and The Emily Program will be housed at the current location.

The Emily Program provides individual, family, and group outpatient services, intensive day and evening treatment programs, and 24/7 residential programs for all ages, genders, and eating disorder diagnoses at 15 sites across the country, including in Cleveland, Ohio. Care at both The Center and The Emily Program is rooted in a three legged stool approach – understanding client needs, incorporating evidence based care, and applying clinical expertise, with that care delivered in a warm, welcoming environment by passionate, stellar staff.

“We are so pleased to be joining with The Emily Program. This transition assures the sustainability and needed expansion of specialized eating disorder services in Central Ohio”, said Cheryl Ryland, CEO of The Center for Balanced Living. “The Emily Program mission to improve access to quality care across the country strongly matches The Center’s mission. We are proud to welcome The Emily Program to Columbus.”

Eating disorder treatment services will continue uninterrupted for current clients of The Center and The Emily Program will welcome new clients into care beginning in March. The Emily Program will also be expanding Columbus area eating disorder treatment offerings to include new adolescent intensive treatment services, expanded outpatient services for adolescents and families, and 24/7 care in residential treatment.

Additionally, The Emily Program will provide increased training for health professionals in the community to assist with early recognition of eating disorder signs and symptoms and better equip individuals and families with next steps in recovery. The result will be an increase in access to care for people struggling with eating disorders and their families in central Ohio and beyond.

“The Emily Program is thrilled to welcome The Center for Balanced Living treatment services into our family to become The Emily Program in Columbus. We share the same core values – passion for helping people with eating disorders recover, a commitment to decrease the stigma and increase awareness of these potentially life‐threatening illnesses, and holding the client and family at the center of our decisions”, said Dave Willcutts, CEO of The Emily Program. “We are honored to join the Columbus community and serve more people in Central Ohio and beyond. These illnesses are fierce and serious, they are real and treatable; we believe together we can truly make a difference in the lives of many more people.”

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About The Center for Balanced Living

The Center for Balanced Living was established in 2000 with the mission of treatment, education, research and prevention. The Emily Program will expand needed treatment services for adolescents and adults in Central Ohio. The Center for Balanced Living will focus on community education, advocacy and reducing barriers to recovery.

About The Emily Program

The Emily Program’s vision is a world of peaceful relationships with food, weight and body image, where everyone with an eating disorder can experience recovery. The Emily Program was founded in 1993 by Dirk Miller, PhD, LP, after his sister Emily recovered from an eating disorder. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, The Emily Program provides exceptional, individualized care leading to recovery from eating disorders, incorporating individual, group, and family therapy, nutrition, psychiatry, medical care, yoga, and more. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call 1‐888‐EMILY‐77 or visit