Emerging Talent

Tap into Emerging Talent through our InternConnect services. Harness the region’s educational assets to grow your own talent. Contact us to learn how to best connect your organization to the most fitting academic programs offered throughout the region. Consider internships, apprenticeships, part time work.

Incumbent Workers, Skilled Workers, Diverse Workers

Online Job Boards

For a quick solution, post your opportunity online and browse talent for free using the Monster-powered Ohio Means Jobs or take advantage of ColumbusInternships.com. Contact us to learn more, or learn about other top  and niche job boards.

Looking for more? Access additional support through membership.

  • Basic Workforce Intel: Need some guidance on the market rate for a particular position? An objective opinion on your position description? Starters on where to publicize the opportunity? Or perhaps some initial recommendations on where you might uncover some unlikely talent? We can help you put your best foot forward in your talent search.
  • Connections and Consultation for Custom Solutions: We regularly interface with workforce service providers, education professionals, young professionals groups and we love match-making. Give us call for ideas on how to leverage the region’s workforce and educational assets, and get a worth-while introduction.

For more information, contact Dessa Augsburger, Manager of Talent Connections, at Dessa_Augsburger@Columbus.org or 614.225.6061.