Below are online resources, collateral, links and services you can use to recruit and onboard your out-of-town talent.

Brand Columbus – Find language, photos, videos to help tell (sell) the Columbus story to your recruits. Learn more.

Experience Columbus – Find out where to play, dine, stay, and what to do through tours and events. The site is geared toward visitors, so it’s a great place to send potential transplants, or to quickly access relevant information for your recruits. The site features maps, trip ideas and packages, and a trip planner tool. The site also features tools for event planners, should you be looking to hold any type of recruitment event. Learn more.



  • Connections – A Concierge Executive Recruiting and Onboarding Service: A Chamber partner, another connector in town is Sharon Cameron, curator of The Book, an exclusive resource of trusted referrals in each of Columbus’ nearby neighborhoods. Sharon assists companies in landing executive level candidates through thoughtful and tailored connections – from realtor referrals, tailored neighborhood recommendations, to dinner parties with relevant connections, and board introductions – all designed to integrate the candidate and their family into the fabric of the Columbus community. Connect with Sharon to get started at 614.445.6002 or
  • Leadership Columbus: Onboarding Columbus, offered through Leadership Columbus, is an unforgettable two days of community orientation and networking where participants learn about and connect with the Columbus community from the inside. You can work with Max Moore to set your recruits or new-hires up with valuable information about the issues facing our community, as well as meet new people, explore the places and experience the leadership that makes Columbus extraordinary. While the program is relevant for recent transplants, it’s also valuable for those who have lived here their entire lives. For more information, contact Max Moore at 225.6948 or

Looking for more? Connect with us to leverage our resources and network to get the most out of your attraction strategies. Contact Dessa Augsburger, manager of Talent Connections, at or 614.225.6061.