We encourage our members and their employees to understand the importance of voting and get educated on the ballot issues. Below are resources that will give you information on voting, candidates and election issues.

Voter Education Guide, 130th General Assembly

Learn about key issues from the our Public Policy Agenda that have been addressed by the General Assembly, and about how members of the General Assembly voted with respect to these issues. Learn More.

Chamber Endorsed Issues & Levies

November 2014- Endorsement of Issue 4, Franklin County Children Services Levy

Past Issues and Levies

May 2014- Endorsement of State Issue 1, Renewal of the State Capital Improvements Program and Local Issue 6, Columbus Zoo Levy

November 2013- Endorsement of Issues 1, 2, 3, & 4, Columbus Capital Improvement Bond Package and Endorsement of Issue 50, Columbus School Bond Issue and Tax Levy and Issue 51, Establishing the Position of Independent Auditor

Election Dates and Voter Registration Information

Voting Information and Application Forms
Secretary of State’s Website

Election Issues / Candidate Information

Current Elected Officials
What’s on the Ballot
Ohio Prosperity Project Ballot Comparison