Session 1 Programming

    • 10/15: So You Want to Lead
    • 11/12: Engaging Others in Your Journey and Staying on Track
    • 12/10: Building Your Relationships
    • 1/14: Manage Process, Lead People
    • 2/11: The Road to Elevation
    • 3/10: Make it Last
  • Programs will be held from 3-7 PM.
  • Group will be facilitated by Andrew Kingery, White Stone Consulting, with additional guest speakers that are experts in their respective fields.

If you are interested in participating or have someone on your team that you would like to nominate, please complete the below nomination and email directly to Taylor Exner at You may also contact either one of them at 614-221-1321. 

*Our first session is now closed. We are now accepting applications for our next session that will start in 2020. All speakers and curriculum is subject change session to session. 

Andrew Kingery -> Bio
The White Stone Consulting Group

11/12: Engaging Others in Your Journey & Staying on Track 
Jack Partirdige + Darnita Bradley

12/10: Building Your Relationships
Urban Meyer + Gene Smith

1/4: Manage a Process, Lead People
Michelle Brown

2/11: The Road to Elevation
Kevin Myers

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