Resources for Columbus Small Businesses and Startups

Startups and growing small businesses like yours are vital to the health of our regional economy. So here at the Columbus Chamber, we do everything we can to ensure your business grows. And believe it or not, more than 70 percent of our members have less than 50 employees.

Curious how we support small businesses and startups every day? Here’s how:

  • Connections: Whether you need a founding partner, a law firm to keep you on the straight and narrow, or a marketing consultant to get you started in the digital space, our Member Resource team will help find the perfect match.
  • Government Relations: Permits and legal documents may not be your specialty, but it is ours. The Chamber’s Government Relations department helps business leaders navigate government complexity, facilitate connections with elected officials and key stakeholders, and raise the collective voice of the 11-county Columbus Region business community at the local, state, and federal levels of government.
  • Market Research: Our researchers can help you find new customers, identify your competition, attract talent, and think big picture. Data drives educated business decisions. No more guessing.
  • Marketing Consultation: How do I get my business on Google Maps? What the heck is SEO? How do I tell my story so reporters will write about us? All of these questions and more can be answered by our marketing team.
  • Workforce: Your business depends on your people. So where do you find the best talent? Right here in Columbus, of course. We can help you discover the best places to look for top-notch talent.
  • Savings Programs: Your bottom line is our bottom line. Membership in the Columbus Chamber means you’ll have access to pooled savings programs for essential services like health, vision, and dental insurance, retirement plan, energy savings, workers’ compensation, office supplies, and more.

Running a small business or startup isn’t easy and you need support from a team of experts to grow your company into a successful operation. Instead of hiring an expensive, full-time team, let the Columbus Chamber be your team of experts.

In one annual membership, you’ll get:

  • One business partner who will connect you with other leaders and resources in the region and nationwide.
  • One government relations expert that can support your business with local, state, and national government entities.
  • One team of researchers who can help you identify your competition, discover new customers, and find new employees.
  • One team of marketing experts who can coach you through the latest traditional and digital marketing trends.
  • One workforce consultant who can search for the perfect new hire for your growing business.

All this for less than the cost of one new employee? Worth it. Plus you have the opportunity to become part of the Small Business Council where leaders of other startups and small businesses come together to share ideas and strategies for success in the Columbus Region.

Get started with your Columbus Chamber membership today.