2013 Public Policy Agenda

Columbus Chamber
The Columbus Chamber provides connections, resources and solutions that help small businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises grow Central Ohio's economy.

The Columbus Chamber’s 2013 Public Policy Agenda focuses on policy issues aimed to educate its members, build relationships and create capital for the Central Ohio business community across local, state and federal levels of government. The “rolling agenda” also provides a series of action items aimed at continuing to maintain effective relationships on behalf of the Region’s business community.

“The Columbus Chamber advocates on behalf of businesses’ best interest, and we strive to help create a fair and business-friendly environment,” said Michael Dalby, president and CEO, Columbus Chamber.

“Our Public Policy Agenda guides our course of action. In 2013, we will continue to collaborate with public officials and encourage reform to positively affect business-critical issues such as taxes, workforce, economic development and education.” – Michael Dalby

The Public Policy Agenda is authored with input from the Chamber’s nearly 2,000 members, as well as expertise from its Government Affairs Steering Committee. An evolving document, the agenda will be updated periodically throughout the year, as new issues and priorities arise. The initial agenda outlines the following priorities:

-Local policy and programming issues include education reform, small business assistance, taxes and addressing professional, economic and workforce development.

-Statewide-level reforms focus on taxes also, as well as health care, education, regulatory reform, economic and workforce development. The Chamber will also address infrastructure investments and redistricting reform.

-At the federal level, the Chamber will attend to transportation infrastructure, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, research and development and education policies as they relate to workforce. The Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, a cost benefit-analysis of national defense installations, will also be a focus.

View our 2013 Public Policy Agenda Mid-Year Update. This is a rolling agenda that is updated throughout the year.

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