Questions for a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

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In the time after a car accident, there is a lot to do. If you have been injured, then searching out a personal injury lawyer to handle your case is an important task. Schedule an initial consultation with one or several attorneys and come prepared with questions. Learning about the attorney’s experience, case management style, case expectations, and financial outcomes will help determine if a particular lawyer is right for you and your case. Write down details so you don’t forget to mention anything and bring important documents.


How long have you/the firm practiced personal injury law?

Do you represent cases other than car accidents?

How many accident victims have you won cases for in the past?

Have you represented a case similar to mine?

Do you have any special experience or credentials I should know about?

Case Management

What is your assessment of my case?

What approach will you take to my case?

What paperwork will I need?

Who will handle the day-to-day details of my case?

Will I receive reports concerning the status of my case? How often?

How do I reach you and how fast do you respond to client correspondence/calls?

Case Expectations

How many cases settle and how many go to trial?

How long does the average case take to resolve?

Do I have to appear in court or attend negotiations?

Can anything be done to increase the chances of my case being successful?


Do you charge by contingency fee or hourly rate?

Do you charge a retainer?

What do I pay you if we lose?

What do I pay you if we win?

What is a realistic expectation for a settlement in my case?

Asking a variety of these questions will help you determine which personal injury lawyer is right for you. At the end of your questions, be sure to ask if there is anything your questioning didn’t cover. Attorneys offer free consultations for the very purpose of answering your questions and evaluating your case.