cbuzz Episode 03: Mikey Sorboro, Mikey’s Late Night Slice


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mikey 02Las Vegas DJ turned pizza slinger, some may say Mikey Sorboro has just about done it all. Thirteen years ago, Mikey made the move to Columbus, and since then has revolutionized the late night scene, in both transportation and delicious after-hours eats. His first Columbus entrepreneurial venture, E.C.T. Pedicab, launched Mikey into his current full time endeavor, Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Columbus staple in both the late night and daytime ‘foodie’ realms.

Bored with the typical late night gyros and other street meats available after hours, Mikey launched his pizza by the slice concept in 2009. The parking lot across from his apartment became the first of 7 locations and three food trucks to provide his pizza to the Columbus region, with current plans to expand into downtown and into other busy, big city bar districts.

“Columbus I think has always been and still is a really ripe city for ideas and projects,” Mikey shares. “The cool thing that I love about Columbus is it’s not saturated with really anything yet.”

Mikey has also dabbled in the nonprofit world, starting the Columbus Diaper Bank in 2014 with his fiance to help supply low-income families with diapers in Central Ohio.

“When you can help somebody with 120 dollars of diapers a month, that’s the difference between paying an electric bill or paying rent,” says Mikey. “Diapers are one of those small things that if you have enough, your life is just so much easier.”

Mikey and his two business partners, Bryce Ungerott and Jason Blundo, have most recently opened Oddfellow’s Liquor Bar, a quirky new watering hole conveniently located just a couple hundred feet from the Short North Late Night Slice location.

“That bar is probably the most fun I have had with a project because I don’t think I have worked harder to make something look so damn cool,” says Mikey.

Oddfellow’s has been open for about one year and the bar’s latest addition is ‘the classiest patio in town’ that conveniently connects Oddfellow’s and Late Night Slice.

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Published on:
July 8, 2015

Dan Swartwout, cbuzz Host; Mikey Sorboro, Founder of Mikey's Late Night Slice

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