cbuzz Episode 12: Kelly and Mollie Fankhauser, Kittie’s Cakes

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Meeting on the golf course as professional athletes, Mollie and Kelly Fankhauser would travel the world together playing the sport that they loved, but when the birdies and bogies stopped, the married couple would have to find something to do in post-golf life.

Enter Kittie’s Cakes.

Opening in German Village in September of 2011, Kittie’s Cakes has been one of Columbus’ fastest growing baking and pastry companies. As two motivated individuals that aim to be the best that they can be in all that they do, the work ethic that Molly and Kelly possess has been a major reason for the success that Kittie’s Cakes has experienced thus far.

“I think about work all the time,” Kelly said. “I’m just addicted to it.”

With a deep love for what they do, the Fankhausers specialize on providing a one-of-a-kind customer service experience at Kittie’s Cakes.

“We wanted to capitalize on the people that really wanted our baked goods, but provide them with an experience you just can’t get anywhere else,” Kelly said. “Everything from the décor to just us being friendly people with an interest in our customers.”

kittie's cakes

Dan Swartwout, cbuzz host, interviews Kelly & Mollie Fankhauser in the GrooveU studios.

With a high competitive spirit derived from a life in high-level collegiate and professional athletics, the Fankhauser’s faced their biggest challenge when opening their storefront without having much of a staff, if at all.

Doing everything from making every baked good from scratch, to doing dishes, running the register and answering phones, Mollie and Kelly would do it all on their own for the first six weeks before hiring their first employee.

With a staff inside at Kittie’s Cakes, the Fankhausers have now focused on their next company objective, an exclusive announcement that can be heard on cbuzz.

After traveling the world on the LPGA and European tours as professional golfers, Mollie and Kelly are very thankful to have chosen Columbus as the destination for Kittie’s Cakes.

“I think Columbus is just thriving right now, and driving on these small businesses,” Mollie said. “For anybody that can provide a great service and great product, I feel like Columbus surrounds and supports those businesses and it just feels like home for both of us.

“The community just felt like the right place.”

Published on:
December 3, 2015

Dan Swartwout, Host; Kelly and Mollie Fankhauser, Kittie's Cakes

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