Episode 59: Betsy Pandora, Short North Alliance: Leading a community with innovation

The Short North is known for its vibrant, creative and inclusive community as a leading arts destination. It also happens to be the densest commercial corridor in the City of Columbus, and with Columbus slated to add 1 million additional residents to the city by 2050, there is a lot for an organization like the Short North Alliance to consider.

“As Executive Director of the Short North Alliance, my role is constant in creative problem solving,” says Betsy Pandora.

A Columbus native and a graduate of the Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture, Betsy is a dedicated advocate for our local community, a trait that is evident throughout her conversation with cbuzz host Mikaela Hunt.

While the Short North is considered a model for urban vitalization by many, there are a number of challenges facing the area today. Most notably, parking. However, those challenges are being tackled by the Short North Alliance team and its partners with an unprecedented approach towards collaboration in our community.

Innovation is critical for any business to survive in any environment and many would agree that the best innovation is spurred by community partnerships, something that is true of the Short North Alliance’s approach to problem-solving, as well.

Betsy and her small but mighty team believe that the Short North and its businesses are “empowered and strengthened through creativity,” adding that the art concentration is arguably the most unique aspect of the neighborhood.

This cbuzz conversation addresses growth in a way that is relevant to all industries in our Central Ohio community; tune in today!

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Published on:
December 16, 2019

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