Episode 34: Dan Fronczak, Healthy Roster


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Healthy Roster, a virtual athletic training app and injury communication platform, creates an efficient channel of communication for athletic trainers, parents and coaches.

The app, which is HIPAA compliant and completely free of charge, works to dissolve potential miscommunications when time is crucial. If a student receives an injury, the athletic trainer on site can be immediately brought up to date with the individual’s previous medical history. Not to mention, Healthy Roster has the ability to connect involved parties through text, video chat and phone.

With nearly 50 percent of high school teams in the country lacking an athletic trainer, Dan Fronczak, along with his co-founders, saw an immediate need for a more efficient system to treat students with potentially serious injuries.

“We asked, ‘What can we do to facilitate the needs of these kids?’ and the answer was right there in front of us,” said Dan Fronczak, one of Healthy Roster’s co-founders. “We need to involve more of the sports medicine people.”


Moving Healthy Roster from an idea to reality took a lot of research and patience. According to Fronczak, they had to be able to validate their idea with their desired consumer in the right marketplace.

“You have to stay focused and you have to concentrate on what’s important,” said Fronczak on taking the leap into entrepreneurship. “We spent a lot of time just understanding the marketplace.”

That meant interviewing coaches, parents, athletic directors and athletic trainers in an attempt to determine the ultimate goal of Healthy Roster.

“That’s what you need to hear as an entrepreneur and a young business person — someone that is thinking ‘we’ve got something here and we would buy it,'” said Fronczak.

A lot of the startup process was simplified for Fronczak and his co-founders through their partnership with Rev1 Ventures, a startup accelerator and venture capital fund that works to generate startup success in central Ohio.

“Rev1 has been awesome and I wish every community in the country had what we have here with Rev1,” said Fronczak. “They provide you with the guidance along the way to know what you need to do.”

Central Ohio is currently the fastest-growing startup community in the country thanks to its affordability, geographic location and supportive business community.

For more information on Healthy Roster, visit their website and download the app. For information on Rev1 Ventures and their partnerships, visit their website.

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Published on:
December 9, 2016

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