cbuzz Episode 21: Zach Traxler, Traxler Custom Printing

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We had the chance to talk with Zach Traxler, the founder of Traxler Custom Printing—he’s calls himself a maker, but we would like to add business owner, a husband, father, and community catalyst to the list as well.

Zach’s humble beginnings started tucked along the Hocking River in Athens, Ohio. Growing up, he was exposed to arts, business, and combing both of those worlds to create a living.

“Going to the farm and working with my grandfather…and seeing him create things with his hands…I knew from a very young age it was something I wanted to pursue,” comments Traxler when cbuzz host Dan Swartwout asked him about his lineage. His father was a well-known maker who created the Surf Ohio brand in the 1970s, and his grandmother’s love of dance and arts—combined with his mother and her business-savvy background created the framework for Zach’s tenacious approach to making a living. Literally.

“If I was working on a hobby project, I always found a way to monetize that hobby project. Growing up, I was always flipping things…it was exciting for me…I was hooked on sales.”

zach traxler cbuzz

After a stint in the corporate world, Zach took a less-than-standard approach to launching his business, “We founded Traxler Tees…three days after my wife and I got married,” he tells cbuzz, “We were all drunk. And we filed my business paperwork—thank God correctly,” he chuckles.

We’re thankful it was correct, too Zach.

Because since that day, he has been a community catalyst who fiercely supports buying local as much as possible. Traxler also leverages his business assets to help communities in need and focuses on making his company a great place to work.

Tune in and hear stories from the amazing localvore business owner behind Traxler Custom Printing.


Published on:
April 6, 2016

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