cbuzz Outtakes: Ryan Vesler, Homage

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Growing up as a thrift store connoisseur, Ryan Vesler looked beyond the thread count, coming across vintage clothing with the attitude that it’s not just about the look of the clothes, but the story they tell.

As with most entrepreneurs, passion turned into business and Ryan begain selling shirts via eBay while attending college at Ohio University. It is from there where he developed the brand that we know today as Homage, and of course the rest is history. While recording Ryan’s story for the fifth episode of cbuzz, quite the funny (and unexpected) outtakes took place between host Dan Swartwout and Ryan in the GrooveU studios.

We loved the behind-the-scenes conversations so much that we are featuring Ryan’s outtakes on the latest episode of cbuzz, available Sunday, October 25, on columbus.org and iTunes.

Perhaps the most undervalued technique for starting a business, according to Ryan, is never running out of caffeine.

“One bit of advice to future entrepreneurs is if you value sleep, don’t start a business,” Ryan advised on cbuzz. To Ryan’s defense, a good caffeine stock is typically a must in the workplace. Just don’t spill it on the rug, it “really ties the room together,” Ryan said.

Whether you’re a coffee fan or not, it’s safe to say that we can all agree on the uniqueness of Homage, and the fun-loving approach the company brings to the Columbus business community and to each person who dons the brand. It’s impossible not to appreciate the sincerity of Ryan’s mission, even when he makes a joke.

“Our April Fool’s joke, actually, was that the company had been acquired by a French cheese company,” Ryan said, “and instead of Homage, we were renaming the company to Fromage.”

Just beware: when Ryan offers to provide you with a “true American cultural experience,” be sure to hit the gym afterwards (see podcast for details).

Regardless of the faux-rumors or the jokes made, the mission is still as simple as it was during the eBay days for Ryan and Homage – to bring people together.  You may have heard that what you wear is an extension of your personality. Well, Homage takes that belief to heart, making authentic clothing with a personable touch. In the end, it’s not about a label or a status symbol, it’s about a telling a story.


Published on:
October 23, 2015

Dan Swartout, Host; Ryan Vesler, Founder, Homage

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