cbuzz Episode 29: Barry Chandler, Storyforge

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Originally from Ireland, Storyforge Founder Barry Chandler came to the United States, as most entrepreneurs do, because of a girl. However, startup success pulled him to the West Coast for a few years. Once he completed the sale of his company, he knew he wanted to return to Columbus to start his next venture.

“An Irish guy in the beach in San Diego doesn’t do very well,” joked Barry with guest host Mary Yost from Columbus CEO Magazine, “I’ve never felt more at home than when I’d been in Columbus.”


After doing a bit of consulting, Barry aligned with co-founder Haley Boehning to create Storyforge. In our latest cbuzz podcast recording, he explains how his agency helps companies identify and their mission and purpose.

Barry explains to Mary how purpose not only drives profit, but how it helps lend itself to a positive and engaged company culture, how it integrates into community, and overall makes a positive contribution to the economic climate.


But like most passionate leaders in the community, it isn’t just all business. It’s about giving back too. Even though he’s a passionate Columbus resident, Barry still lends his insight and guidance to a unique mentorship program though the Irish International Business Network. “I’m a big fan of mentoring, I love working with individuals who need help.”

This latest installment of cbuzz is full of insight on how to create a purpose-driven business from one of the thought leaders in the community. You’ll want to tune in just for the Irish accent alone.

Published on:
July 8, 2016

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