cbuzz Episode 27: Shaun Young, Ardina

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Shaun Young spent the first twenty years of his profession in a variety of roles related to the healthcare industry. From pharmacy to managed care to hospitals—and everything in between—he saw it all. In 2015 he launched Ardina, based on an experience he had early in his career, “My first day as a pharmacist I saw a mom who couldn’t afford a prescription for her daughter,” recalled Shaun, “I started to see that happening almost every day when I was behind the counter. How do I help her?”

Shaun’s solution was Ardina. Easily described as the AAA version of healthcare, but instead of road-side assistance, they provide members with 24/7 access to a doctor, nurse or pharmacists and in-network rates at the pharmacy, dentist, optometrist, and chiropractor.  When you experience bumps, bruises or the common cold, Ardina is there with phone support to help bridge the gaps in the service and care you need.


With support from Rev1, Shaun was able to make his dream of Ardina a reality, “I wish there was a great story that weaves everything together, but it was just a little of career ADD,” joked Shaun as he detailed the path he took that led him to entrepreneurship, “truth be told Dan, nothing could have prepared me for starting a Startup.”

The roots for the name of the company are steeped in the Midwest. Using the name of Ohio’s state bird as the inspiration, Shaun removed the first and last letters from “cardinal” to get the company’s name.  Shaun shared, “We really wanted to be a Made-In-Ohio Startup,” with cbuzz host Dan Swartwout.

Tune in and hear not only why Shaun chose Ohio as the home for his company, but also insights and tips on how he translated his vision for Ardina into a reality on this week’s cbuzz.

Published on:
June 10, 2016

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