cbuzz Episode 25: Olga Vidisheva, Shoptiques

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At cbuzz, we’ve made no secret that we love Columbus and entrepreneurs—and we also love listening to podcasts that celebrate the same things as us! This week, we wanted to share with you a clip from another great podcast that highlights entrepreneurs and startups. It’s called Smart People Should Build Things and it’s produced by Venture for America. If you like our interview-style format with super amazing business minds, then check them out.

This week we’re giving you a sneak preview of a recent interview with Olga Vidisheva, founder of Shoptiques. She was born in Kyrgyzstan and moved to the US to attend Wellesley College. Her story is the quintessential ‘American Dream’. Olga learned English while working in a Japanese restaurant and put herself through college by modeling. While she was at Harvard Business School Olga discovered her passion for boutiques and saw an opportunity to help small clothing stores develop a digital presence. That’s when she decided to start Shoptiques. It originally launched with 25 stores and now represents thousands of boutiques across the globe. Here’s a little tidbit I thought you might enjoy.

We’ll be back soon with new stories from Columbus business owners, but in the meantime we thought we’d share this other little treasure trove of knowledge from other great entrepreneurs who started their business way outside of the 270 outerbelt.

Published on:
May 12, 2016

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