cbuzz Episode 22: Steve Weber, nChannel

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Bringing you the best stories from Columbus business owners, cbuzz is presented by the Columbus Chamber in collaboration with the Columbus Dispatch and CD1025. Our host, local comedian Dan Swartwout, talks with entrepreneurs every other week in Columbus’ first business-focused podcast.

This week on cbuzz, we hear from another amazing entrepreneur developed out of Rev1 Ventures.

Steve Weber, owner and founder of nChannel, chats with cbuzz host Dan Swartwout about how he developed and launched his business. This innovative tech company provides merchants with the ability to sell any product in any channel, hence the name nChannel. Weber found white space in the market by looking at the consumer experience with small to medium-sized merchants who are looking to sell online and brick and mortar, as well as Ebay and Amazon all while allowing customers seamless experiences throughout their consumer journey.

In a tongue-in-cheek reference to former cbuzz guest and nChannel partner, Homage, Weber comments, “If you decide you’re going to sell t-shirts from…your mom’s basement, you’re probably not quite ready for nChannel yet…but once you got some volume…where you are doing hundreds of orders a day, thousands of orders a day and need someone to help automate those processes, that’s what we do.”


Weber shares the details of his background that led him to the idea of nChannel, all while keeping it real about how it is never the best time to start a business, “It was exciting, especially for my wife because it was two days after my second child was born,” chuckles Weber, “But once you set up your own office, little things hit you in the face, like making your own coffee and having to buy the coffee and your own filters. It’s not just all up in the cabinet.”

Beyond the little things one might overlook when launching a company, Weber also infuses bigger picture insights on what it was like to get his first round of funding, the support that the Columbus business community has provided,  and what is on the horizon for nChannel as it continues to grow and thrive.

Published on:
April 13, 2016

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