cbuzz Episode 20: Rob Underhill, Simple-Fill

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“Our goal is to change the way America fuels its vehicles.”

Rob Underhill is ready to change the world one gas tank at a time with his company, Simple-Fill. Recognizing that alternative fuels were too costly for the Big Three automotive companies and gas stations to adopt, Rob sought a solution that is compatible with existing fuel lines in cars and gas stations. His answer is simple: compressed natural gas.

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By working with the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State and partnering with Rev1 Ventures, Rob turned his idea into a natural gas compressor that creates a cleaner, more affordable gas to fuel vehicles. Using off-the-shelf parts to create his compressor was an important key in creating a product that was affordable, and easy for such a massive market to accept.

“We knew we had something,” Rob commented when cbuzz host Dan Swartwout asked if he ever doubted his idea, “We knew the market out there, but we understood the challenges as well.”

Challenges range from funding, to finding the right talent, to recognizing the importance of support from friends and family during his journey, “If you choose to become an entrepreneur, you need to surround yourself with people that believe in what you’re doing–and in you as a person.”

Tune in and listen to Rob’s compelling story, and be the first to hear how his innovative idea just might be the solution perfect solution to America’s fueling situation.

Published on:
March 30, 2016

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