cbuzz Episode 13: Mark Pasternack, Jump Goat Media

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A storyteller in his own right with a specialty in video production, Mark Pasternack knows his way around a production studio. In fact, as you sit down, placing your headphones over your ears in joy of yet another wonderfully produced episode of cbuzz, you have Pasternack to thank for that.

As the in-kind audio engineer for the show, this time around we take a look behind the soundboard, delving into the story that is Mark Pasternack. A native of Columbus, Pasternack is the Founder and Director at Jump Goat Media, a video creation and production company located in Columbus, Ohio.

When asked about the mission behind Jump Goat Media, Pasternack’s response struck a similar tone, echoing that of what other successful entrepreneurs have proclaimed on cbuzz.

“We work off the belief that people come first,” Pasternack says, “and that if you treat people right then everything else will follow.”

jump goat media

For Pasternack the Founder, the tale begins in 2013 with the founding of Jump Goat Media. For Pasternack the Entrepreneur, the tale begins almost a decade earlier under the lights – the stage lights, that is.

“It started in middle school with taking guitar lessons and then in high school being in tech and theatre and doing the lights and the sound. And then I was in a couple bands in high school,” Pasternack said as he discussed his initial interest in audio production.

Despite never going platinum playing 90s-feel tunes with a twist of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Pasternack realized his performance-based efforts may be better off transitioning into the production side.

After graduating from high school, Pasternack visited Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee. Known for its unique music culture and community encouragement, Pasternack thought he found his calling.

“I went there on one visit and I think as a lot of people would say, as soon as they go down there, there’s just an energy down there, a culture of music down there and it’s a really neat place to be,” Pasternack said.

Originally on track for a degree in music business with an emphasis on production, Pasternack changed his trajectory after realizing the lack of compensation that commonly runs through entry level positions in the industry.

“I looked at audio and I just didn’t want to commit what you really got to commit to really make it, and whatever I do I really want to do it well and I want to put my time into it, and so having a family and owning a business, it’s got to be flexible…and you got to create synergy between the two and I just didn’t see that as an audio engineer.”

Pasternack—an entrepreneur at heart—didn’t see the value in such a commitment when something greater was up for the taking.

With society loaded at the hip with a camera lens, ready to capture the next video-of-the-day, the barriers to entry in Pasternacks line of work continue to fall, making it harder to stand out in a crowd that continually believes they’re telling a great story, whether it be from an iPad or a news anchor.

“What I like about it is it takes us all back to the basics, all back to what makes a good video, what makes a good record. And it’s really the people behind that video, behind that record and what are they trying to say and how do they say it, because it’s not so much about the camera but who’s behind the camera.”

The ability to focus on people by connecting storytelling with cinematic focus is something Pasternack found in video that couldn’t be conjured with a soundboard, and that is what is at the heart of Jump Goat Media.

“What’s really special about Jump Goat is we’re really focused on people and community, and so it really starts internally with…the belief that people come first, and that if you treat people right then everything else will follow.”

Published on:
December 17, 2015

Dan Swartwout, Host; Mark Pasternack, Jump Goat Media

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