cbuzz Episode 08: Alex Frommeyer, Beam Dental

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Alex Frommeyer, preferably known as Fro, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beam Dental— a tech startup company set out to revolutionize dental care.

Beam Dental is a two and a half year old startup originally based out of Louisville, Kentucky, with proud, current roots set in Columbus’ Short North Arts District. Beam Dental is Fro’s, second company, and since launching his current business endeavor in 2014, has been backed by Central Ohio venture capital, Drive Capital, and has received national coverage for his success in innovating the dental industry.

“We’ve been really fascinated by these sleepy old industries that have really never seen technology in the most modern sense of the word and how it can better create a business and a business model,” Fro shared with Dan Swartout on cbuzz. “You can see the future of what your industry might look like before you are beginning.”

Since an early age, Fro has been fascinated by the process of building things. He has fond memories building treehouses in his backyard and sitting in his father’s office watching him program in his Northern Kentucky home where Fro grew up.

“For me, it was never even about building the thing. It was about the process. I was just in love with ‘okay, how do I take this blank tree and turn it into something fun and interesting. Something I can play in or whatever?’ So that is still how I approach stuff today,” Fro explained.

One side of Beam Dental does involve a bit of building— the Beam brush, a bluetooth connected, sonic power toothbrush that comes in three colors (pink, chartreuse and blue) is linked to an app that rewards you as you brush your teeth more consistently— bringing the insurance side of their business model full circle. “The connected toothbrush has been an awesome product because it is so provocative,” Fro says. “And the more you brush your teeth, the less you pay for insurance.”

Fro explains on cbuzz that Beam Dental is much more than just an interactive toothbrush, it is one component that contributes to their team’s unique approach to the dental industry.

“During the whole era leading up to the Affordable Care Act, there was a ton of talk about access to health insurance,” Alex shares. “People are always trying to throw around these badly impressive numbers, which is true, about how many people don’t have access to health insurance. Around the time, the figure was around 40 million. That number is closer to 15 million today because of the AFA’s success.”

Developing their business on the cusp of the AFA movement, Fro and his team worked to better understand dental disease risk— key research in Beam Dental’s success. With the health oriented data collection market like fit-bit on the rise, Fro and his partners devised a way of using a toothbrush to figure out the risk for individual customers for dental disease while making the process fun for the customer.

It truly is a revolutionary concept, and Fro’s team show no signs of slowing down. Find out what’s next for Fro and Beam Dental on cbuzz, dropping this Sunday on iTunes and columbus.org.

Published on:
September 25, 2015

Dan Swartout, Host; Alex Frommeyer, Co-Founder, Beam Dental

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