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Old Spice Unveils First-Ever Barbershop to Extend Hair Care Leadership with Innovative Storefront

March 8th, 2021

Doors open March 1st in Columbus, Ohio, alongside new and improved hair products across each of Old Spice’s industry-leading hair lineups

COLUMBUS, OH (February 17, 2021) — Old Spice makes hair-story by opening its first-ever, brick-and-mortar barbershop on March 1st in Columbus, Ohio. As the first and only Old Spice retail space, the barbershop offers an innovative experience where customers can enter the immersive world of Old Spice, including a content studio, celebrity barber residency, Old Spice easter eggs and more.

With a classic, upscale look featuring iconic Old Spice murals and images lining the walls, Old Spice created a barbershop experience unlike anything the industry has ever seen. While still offering classic men’s grooming services alongside Old Spice’s new hair care and styling formulas, the first-of-its-kind barbershop represents the future of content marketing with a fully-functioning content studio and weekly visits by celebrity barbers as part of Old Spice’s exclusive barbershop residency program.

“Old Spice is turning the traditional barbershop on its head by welcoming guys into the Old Spice universe for a real-life experience with the brand they know and love,” said Leif Edgar, Old Spice Brand Director at Procter & Gamble. “Every single detail from the front desk to the mural in the back of the shop has been created for a truly memorable experience as we help our guys navigate the seas of manhood with the perfect haircut, style and hair grooming products.”

With its Ohio roots, Old Spice makes its way into the youthful metropolitan Columbus downtown as the location for its first barbershop. The area features a young, diverse demographic that is similar to Old Spice’s core audience, making it an attractive area for the brand. Old Spice plans to put down roots in the local community with key partnerships, including a co-branded coffee with the local Brioso Roastery and Coffee Bar that will be available in the barbershop.

Content Studio

The back of the barbershop features a fully-operational content studio where Old Spice can capture, produce and distribute content, allowing the barbershop to stretch beyond Columbus to millions of guys across the United States. Content will include everything from celebrity barber tips to funny, over-the-top haircuts that will be distributed through Old Spice and influencer social channels.

Barber Residency Program

Old Spice welcomes the world’s most influential barbers to the world’s best-smelling barbershop. Beginning at launch, celebrity barbers will bring their talents to Columbus for a weekend residency to shoot content, style hair, lead hair information sessions and more. Celebrity barbers include Florido, Benjamin Thigpen, Matt Johnston, Pat Regan, among others!

NEW and Improved Product Lineups

As guys’ grooming habits change, Old Spice creates new products and updates existing lineups to ensure guys can keep their hair looking its best. The barbershop-quality products include updates across the Red, Fresher, Wild and Styler collections with improved formulas and enhanced packaging.

  • Red Collection – 2-in-1s feature increased cleaning power and lather in classic Old Spice scents
  • Fresher Collection – New 2-in-1s, shampoos and conditioners harness the power of nature
  • Wild Collection – New 2-in-1s and shampoos let guys access their wild side in a good-smelling way
  • Styler Collection – The 7 stylers are now infused with beeswax and feature new formulas and enhanced scents to deliver awesome-looking hair

About Old Spice

Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice is the quintessential grooming brand. With more than 80 years as an American icon, Old Spice is the authority on grooming experience and has leveraged this heritage to become the No.1 selling anti-perspirant and deodorant brand for guys in the United States. Old Spice offers a complete product portfolio for today’s evolving needs, including anti-perspirants, deodorants, body washes, body sprays, shampoos and hair stylers.

For more information on the Old Spice Barbershop and the Old Spice Hair Care and Styling product line, visit and the new Barbershop Instagram account (oldspicebarbershop). Old Spice also can be found on Twitter (@OldSpice), Facebook (, YouTube ( and Instagram (oldspice).

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